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Making sure your prenuptial agreement is binding


People in the greater Las Vegas area can learn important information about how to make prenuptial agreements useful and legally binding.

Couples who are considering marriage have a myriad of decisions to make. While the thought of prenuptial agreements may not be top of mind, it is one that should be considered. Unlike the marital contracts of decades ago, today's prenups are used for many things beyond the traditional protection of personal assets in the event of a divorce. Learning the different uses for these contracts and the ways to ensure enforceability should it be needed is important for anyone considering entering into a premarital agreement.

Make it reasonable

As noted by the Huffington Post, one of the most important elements of any prenuptial agreement is whether or not the provisions it contains can be deemed reasonable. When one person wishes to include clauses that may control things like the hair color or weight of the other party, the validity of the entire document can be called into question. People entering into a prenup should take this point into consideration before they finalize their contracts.

New ways to engage in estate planning

The ability to outline one's wishes for assets and belongings after death is important. Doing so can help to avoid unpleasant situations for surviving family members and ensure that assets are distributed according to the wishes of the deceased.

The Daily News indicates that a great number of people today marry when they have children already from prior relationships. These couples can utilize prenuptial agreements as another way to outline their plans for assets after one or both partners die. These clauses can pertain to personal assets or business assets as well.

Social media and reputation preservation

In the face of a
divorce process, one spouse can find themselves the victim of a smear campaign launched by the other spouse. With social media, the damage that can be done in mere moments is extremely great. For this reason, Fox News reports that many couples today are choosing to include clauses regarding what is or is not considered legitimate use of social media regarding the former partner.

As noted above, the provisions of a social media clause should be reasonable. It is also helpful if any presumed damage can be proven in some way. One example would be the loss of some business clients if a person's reputation online was put in a negative light and business loss resulted from that.

Legal input is important

Each person should have independent legal representation when developing a prenuptial agreement. This can help both parties ensure that their contract will be considered legal and able to help them if the need arises.

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