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Comparing uncontested divorce options


Standish Naimi Law Group provides an article about comparing uncontested divorce options.

No divorce is ever easy, but it's understandable that many Nevada residents going through a divorce will want the process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are numerous options today that were not available in the past, which can help a divorcing couple not only complete the process in a timely manner, but cost-effectively as well.

Also known as an amicable divorce, an uncontested divorce is one of the most effective ways to minimize the conflict and heartache associated with the end of a marriage. While a divorce will almost always have difficult emotions associated with it, couples who are able to resolve disputes through amicable means have greater ability of avoiding the many negative aspects associated with a divorce. However, it's important to understand the different types of uncontested divorce, as well as each option's advantages and limitations. Every divorce is different, and what is ideal for one couple may be a bad idea for another.

Differences between divorce options

The following are three common divorce options today:

  • Mediated divorce - Mediation is becoming a popular option because it can cost a fraction of what a litigated divorce might cost, as well as spare families much of the conflict. During the mediation process, a couple will sit with a neutral third party to discuss their issues and concerns. The neutral party can be a certified mediator or an attorney who has experience in mediation. This option is best for couples who can set aside their differences and treat each other civilly.
  • Collaborative divorce - This method is often effective for couples who have complex property division issues or a child custody dispute , but are still willing to discuss matters with an open mind. During a collaborative divorce, each couple will usually involve his and her own attorney; other professionals may be consulted, such as child therapists and financial advisors. It is important to understand that each consultant will have their own fees.
  • Litigation - Sometimes a litigated divorce can't be avoided. However, today's litigation proceedings are often resolved quickly, with the judge keeping each party's best interests in mind. A litigated divorce does not necessarily mean the process will be overly lengthy or expensive.

In some cases mediation is not recommended. This includes when substance abuse or domestic violence are factors in the marriage, if one person feels intimidated by the other or if one spouse is at a financial disadvantage.

An attorney can help

Even if you and your spouse are certain you can achieve an amicable divorce, it can help to contact an experienced family law attorney who can ensure your rights are protected. Additionally, an attorney can help you determine which divorce option is best for your situation.

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