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4 ways to make your Nevada divorce run smoothly


While a divorce can be a difficult time, couples in Nevada can take several steps to ensure a smoother process.

Divorce can be a difficult time for everyone in the family. In Nevada, couples who are contemplating ending a marriage may be faced with financial and emotional challenges. There are steps that spouses can take in order to ease the process, such as the following:

1. Be honest about finances

One of the most problematic areas for divorcing couples is dividing up martial assets. Nevada is a community property state, which means that any items acquired after the marriage are considered marital assets and are subject to a division that is often split down the middle. However, judges do have the discretion to do otherwise.

As U.S. News and World Report notes, couples can save money and stress by putting together all the necessary financial information. Hiding assets can complicate the process and even lead to additional legal recourse. Therefore, spouses are urged to be prepared with the right financial documents going into a divorce.

2. Work with a mediator

The American Bar Association reports that couples who choose to mediate a divorce can expect to spend about 40 to 60 percent less than if they were to go to court. Mediation, in which a professional works with the couple to come to terms on items such as child custody and property division, encourages an amicable split and often saves time.

3. Tell the children the right way

According to a report from Psychology Today, divorcing couples who have children need to break the news appropriately. Studies show that children will remember hearing about the divorce, which can be traumatic if it is mishandled. Keeping that in mind, experts suggest that parents do the following:

  • Tell the children as soon as possible to avoid making it look like they were kept in the dark.
  • Tell the children together as a couple.
  • Answer questions honestly and in an age-appropriate way.

Parents are also advised to avoid speaking negatively about each other during the process. Children should not be used as confidants during a divorce.

4. Find support

The American Psychological Association acknowledges that the end of a marriage is often fraught with stress. Therefore, someone going through it should consider finding support. That could mean talking to a licensed psychologist or locating a support group for people in similar situations.

Overall, experts recommend approaching a divorce as amicably as possible. Couples who cooperate with each other and put their children first - if they have any - can have a better experience than if they were to drag the process through the court system.

Anyone in Nevada with questions about divorce should consult with an attorney.

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